From Pin-up Girls to Neon Cats: the Art of Spicy Donut

Neon Neko MAQET by Spicy Donut

At MAQET, we LOVE seeing how artists put their own spins on our characters. We’ll be making more of an effort to profile MAQET artists on the blog. First up is Devin “Spicy Donut” Lawson. He recently made his first MAQET, a pink and black Catgirl named Neon Neko. He was so happy with the figure that he’s currently planning to sell his own limited edition of the Neon Nekos. Nice! Check out his blog post for lots more photos.

Custom Munny by Spicy Donut

Many customizers get their start on Kidrobot’s Munny toy. Here you see Spicy Donut’s pink and black palette used in a splatter effect to create the appearance of a skull. Cool idea.

Like a Bat Outta Hell by Spicy Donut

Over in the 2D realm, Spicy Donut does some great illustrations like this Ed “Big Daddy” Roth coffin cruiser.

Pinup Calendar by Spicy Donut

He even made a calendar containing two sweet subjects: donuts and pinup girls. The 2012 calendar (for mature viewers)  is available from Red Bubble here.