This Machine Knits Bill Cosby Sweaters

Andrew Salomone uses a hacked knitting machine from the 80s to “print” digital images onto/into knitted garments. While this would have been a cool enough feat in and of itself, Salomone took it one step further by making his pièce de résistance a Bill Cosby sweater. It doesn’t end there either: Salome’s sweater depicts Bill Cosby wearing a Bill Cosby sweater. That goes deep! The sweater is both the canvas and the subject! He now hopes to achieve full circle by getting a photo of Cosby wearing the Cosby sweater of Cosby wearing a sweater.

Bill Cosby sweater by Andrew Salomone

Click through for a flashback of Cosby in one of his “iconic” sweaters.

Bill Cosby in Sweater