The Knowhow Shop’s Hair-Raisingly Creative Bike Rack

Knowhow Shop's Comb Bike Rack

The Knowhow Shop is a new collaborative design and fabrication co-op located in Los Angeles.  The 1,800-square foot space offers woodworking machines, a CNC router, a laser cutter and perhaps the most important tool of all: education. Founded by Kagan Taylor, Justin Rice and Joshua Howell, the shop operates on a punch card system. DIY crafters pay only for the time they use, and they get access to all of the equipment. Kagan points out that Knowhow is as much about bonding as it is about building: “It’s a great way to develop a network of people who are interested and excited about making things.”

Knowhow Shop's Comb Bike Rack

This 400 pound comb-shaped bike rack was created at Knowhow for the city of Roanoke as a piece of public art. It was handcrafted with Mangaris hardwood decking and powder coated steel.  Somewhere out there is a Claes Oldenberg-loving, fixie-riding barber who is having an eyegasm. Very cool stuff. Click through for a work-in-progress shot of the bike rack and a video about Knowhow.

Knowhow Shop's Comb Bike Rack

[via The Fox is Black and Good]

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